Here's just a small sampling of the impact our programs are having…


Community Gardens

Thanks to the generosity of community partners, volunteers, and donors, we are able to create community garden space just about anywhere. Our community gardens are deigned using perma-culture techniques as well as aquaponics. Our goal is to grow 150,000 pounds of food annually for food insecure families and individuals right here in our community. We also teach and help create similar spaces in partnership with other organizations across the US.



Transitional Employment

In an effort to truly transform lives, we hire people we serve to work at our farm sites. Its hard work! Many of the people we serve are considered unemployable due to a variety of reasons. Our process is selective, because we only want to help people that want to help themselves. They work at the farm, earn a paycheck, and learn how to transition/adapt to a work environment. For young people we help to instill a strong sense of work ethic and personal discipline to keep climbing the ladder at work. Once participants complete our program, we connect them to our local and national company partners. Through this program 30 people found full time employment in 2017.



Food Distribution

Every week we open our doors to hundreds of families in need. We provide them with groceries, including fresh produce we grow. While they are there they can enjoy a hot or cold beverage while they build relationships with our volunteers and staff. We capture their needs and try to help them overcome hardships in sustainable ways. We like to say “It all starts with the food…”